Summer Camp

What's included

Your child will learn basic coding though a series of instructions, guided tutorials and training videos, and then build a simple game.

Prerequisites: Recommended age: 5+


It was amazing to see my daughter learn so much so quickly at centertec!

Paul Schultz

Starter Course

Introductory Lesson: Puzzles, coding projects and more

Grades 1st - 8th
Interactive lessons

Start Simple. To complete each lesson, campers typically go through a concept review, solve a puzzle, run through a tutorial, build their own project, and take a quiz. They create interactive stories, animations, and mini-games during each lesson and apply the programming concepts that they have learned.
After completing a lesson plan, students will be able to build a wide variety of simple programs with events, loops, and conditional logic. They will leave the camp with their own account and a portfolio of apps and games that they build during camp to share with friends and family.

See our video.

Interactive lessons

Kids will love learning, and our class makes it easy and fun.

11 activities
Lessons objective

Build a simple game

Concepts learned
  • Animation
  • Sounds
  • Repetition
  • Motion
  • Handling Events
  • Sensing
  • Visibility
  • Actor Properties