Summer Camp

Half Day Camp

  • Day 1: Skins, Resource Packs, Server Configuration and basic programming.
  • Day 2: Loops, Variables, Delays and Server Commands
  • Day 3: Functions, Parameters, Building with the Drone tool.
  • Day 4: Game Design: Fowl Play
  • Day 5: Game Design: Capture the Flag

Prerequisites: Recommended age: 10+


I simply can't believe that something so amazing is just sitting right here in our laps in Levittown!

Marcus Ramatowski

Minecraft Modding

Discover fundamental programming concepts while making cool mods and building games in your private Minecraft server.

Grades 6th - 8th
Interactive Lessons

Grade 6-8
Learn to program by making Minecraft mods on your own private server. No prior programming experience required.

See Our Video.

Interactive lessons

Kids will learn about frame-based animation and make games.

15 activities
Lessons objective

Children will learn to build minecraft programs!

Concepts learned
  • Input / Output
  • Sound Playing
  • Block Type
  • Drone Tool
  • Advanced Loops
  • Inventory Manipulation
  • Advanced Math
  • World Manipulation