Summer Camp

Half Day Camp

  • Day 1: Lights... Music... Action!
  • Day 2: Animation and 2D Motion
  • Day 3: Computer Generated Art
  • Day 4: Game Design
  • Day 5: Level Creation

Prerequisites: Recommended age: 7+


The amount of information available here is astounding - my kid will be a computer scientist by the end of the summer!

Tracy Mueller

Game Design Studio 1

Learn coding basics, build arcade mini-games, animations, and platformers.

Grades 3rd - 5th
Interactive Lessons

Grade 3-5
Learn what it takes to build your own video game worlds. Design and build your own games from start to finish by connecting Lego-like code blocks. Build 2D game worlds, design animated heroes and villains, program game controls and motion, add music, and program game logic. At the end of the week, show off your own original games and play them with friends and family. No prior programming experience required.

See Our Video.

Interactive lessons

Kids will love learning, and our class makes it easy and fun.

15 activities
Lessons objective

At the end of this week long class, students will be able to build a variety of games though coding.

Concepts learned
  • Basic Math
  • Screen Bounds
  • Functions
  • Code Block Introduction
  • Platformer Basics
  • Platformer Controls
  • Platformer Automations
  • Scripting